Yes I quoted Mike Tyson… (Mexican Beaches, Cuban Cigars and Hemingway)

I am sitting on a beach in Costa Maya, Mexico under a thatch umbrella. I am having a Del Sol beer (the Miller High Life of Mexico). I am smoking a Cohiba cigar from Cuba. This is my first cigar since the accident. I used to enjoy one a month or so before the accident, but have had no desire to have one since… until now. I think it’s the environment. I feel like Hemingway sitting here writing. I have spent the last hour working on my book. Tonia’s sitting on a lounge chair sun bathing and the kids are kayaking in the crystal clear Caribbean water. This is the last stop on our seven day cruise. We have had some great excursions, but today we decided to not schedule anything. We just got off the boat and started looking around and talking to the locals. We found this great little beach club run by an older Mexican man dressed in all white, wearing gold chains, and dark sun glasses. He looks like the kind of guy who wears dark glasses even at night and refers to Americans as “gringos”. We just bought a Red Snapper right off a boat that they are now grilling. Did I mention it is 11:30 AM? I think I may have finally relaxed…

My family’s little taste of paradise was not planned. It happened when we were not looking for it but when we needed it most. Like I wrote in my New Years Day post, we can’t control every aspect of our lives. When we accept this fact, we are most open to what God puts in front of us. Having a plan is a good thing, but to quote Mike Tyson, “Everyone has a plan until someone punches you in the mouth.” Our car accident was a big “punch in the mouth”. It certainly was’t in our plans. Everyone gets “punched” sometime. It doesn’t mean you are knocked out. It does mean you may need to change strategies. Just getting through the “round” so you can keep fighting can be a huge accomplishment. (Sorry for all the boxing metaphors. Still channeling Hemingway. I could have used bull fighting.)

So much of my recovery relies on my ability to roll with the punches. To evaluate the next challenge and then move on. Time spent feeling bad about my latest “issue” is time wasted. Whether you have health issues like me or are in perfect health, your life here on earth can be over in a instant. To not appreciate every moment, good or bad, is to take life for granted. True peace comes from living life to the fullest and accepting God’s gifts as they come to you.

Our fish just arrived. Time to get another beer…

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One Response to Yes I quoted Mike Tyson… (Mexican Beaches, Cuban Cigars and Hemingway)

  1. Nelse T. Sharer says:

    Ellen told me of your writing. I am so excited and can’t wait to read some of your things. I don’t know were this responce goes but I will wait for a responce from you just to make sure that I am not talking to a stranger.
    Nelse SHarer

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