Use the Force

I was in the gym the other day walking on a elevated treadmill.  I just added this element to my training in hopes of being better prepared for all the walking and hill climbing I am going to be doing while on a religious pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey at the end of April.  It hasn’t been going as well as I had hoped.  I am making some progress, but it is slow.  When I am on the elliptical I like to read to pass the time and keep my mind off the pain.  I have a hard time reading on the treadmill, so I have started watching television.  One of the big news channels was on and they were showing the “best” Super Bowl commercials.  Everyone’s favorite was the Volkswagen commercial with the little boy dressed up like Darth Vader. (If you didn’t see it you can watch it here.)  I got to admit, I like the commercial a lot.  I was a “Star Wars Kid”. My brother and I watched the original movie 100+ times.  It might have been because it was the only kid movie we had for our Betamax.  (If you are under 35-years-old Google it.)  We used to run around the house trying to move things with our minds.  We also would throw rocks at each other while blind folded and try to hit them with our Lightsaber.  The scars from the stitches are some of my originals.

As I was watching the TV, trying to forget the pain, I reminisced about trying to control objects with my mind and I realized a very big Truth.  I thought I had spent a lot of hours in rehab and the gym strengthening my body.  The Truth is that what I really have strengthened is my mind.  No, I can’t move objects by staring at them, but pushing myself through pain has more to do with my brain than my muscles.  As the saying goes, “Mind Over Matter”.  For about the last 15 minutes I had been in a pretty good amount of pain, but I was still going.  I had already gone 5 minutes longer than last week.  It wasn’t because I was physically stronger.  It was because I was mentally tougher.  Convincing my mind that the pain I feel isn’t going to hurt me has been one of my biggest accomplishments.  There are many times when our own mind keeps us from reaching our goals.  Often, overcoming the mental hurdle is all that is keeping us from taking the next step.

Just a couple minutes later I stopped walking.  I went seven minutes longer then last week.  I had hoped for ten.  I guess I will take seven and a topic to use for my blog.  As I sat in the sauna warming up my titanium, before heading back out into the wind and cold, I thought of one more Truth.  I have not achieved anything by myself. Only through the Grace of God have I been able to push myself to this point.  I have been “playing” around with the word Grace for the past few months while working on my book.  I think this will be page one of my book…

to favor or honor

1. beauty of form, manner, motion or action.
2. mercy; clemency; pardon.
3. favor shown in granting a delay or temporary immunity.
4. the freely given, unmerited favor of God.

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One Response to Use the Force

  1. Excellent post. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in what cannot be done, rather than realizing our power to make choices that better our lives. Yes, physical limitations are a reality, but I am convinced that the human spirit (with the help of God) can overcome the seemingly impossible. Kudos to you for logging your journey.

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