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Forced Introspection (Part 2)

If you missed Forced Introspection (Part 1) and you want to read it first, click here. After my impromptu 3 mile run, my mind felt more calm. I jumped in the shower and tried not to give the accident I … Continue reading

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Forced Introspection (Part 1)

Very introspective week so far. Tuesday I was a witness to a bad car accident. It was close to my house, on a 55 MPH undivided road. A pick-up truck, driving two cars in front of me, swerved into on-coming … Continue reading

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Things are about to change…

The holidays are over. Things are slowing down. Cold weather has finally reached Central PA. ( I do miss the unseasonably warm 50+ degree days of December.) Last year I struggled with the cold and shorter days. ( Motivated to … Continue reading

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