Things are about to change…

The holidays are over. Things are slowing down. Cold weather has finally reached Central PA. ( I do miss the unseasonably warm 50+ degree days of December.) Last year I struggled with the cold and shorter days. ( Motivated to do nothing?) This winter I am aware that my body will not feel as good. I expect it, but I don’t like it. I really don’t want to slow down. I ran for the first time in November (Running from nothing…).  I was told after the accident that I would probably never be able to run again. I have worked hard for the past four years to prove them wrong.  Since that first run, I’ve built up to 4 miles. On Thanksgiving I  ran the Carlisle YMCA 5K Turkey Trot.  A race I walked the past three years.

Turkey Trot 2012

Running more than 2 miles really hurts, so I try to only run long once or twice a week. (“Long” use to mean 15 to 20 miles. Now it is 3-5 miles.) The rest of the time I ride a stationary bike or get on the elliptical. It is not the cardio that is holding me back. It’s the pounding. I want to build up my distance, but the only way to do that is to run. I need to work through the pain. Now that the cold weather has set in, the only way I can handle jogging is to get on the treadmill. BORING! I hate (Tonia doesn’t let the kids or me use that work so I will say, “I really, really dislike”) running on a treadmill. I can hope for a few 50+ degree days, but I figure I am destined to be indoors for the next few months.

Running, really running, has become my new goal. So much so, that I plan to make it a big part of my recovery and my motivation. Over the next few weeks, I will be making some changes to my blogging. I plan to share my “running journey” and my quest for “A Perfect Run” with my readers. I hope to document my successes and my failures. So much of what I have blogged about so far are lessons I learned through the process of writing a book. Writing down my experiences early on gave me the opportunity to go back two years later and really start to identify and define the lessons I learned. I didn’t really do that when I went back to the gym.  As I begin this next stage of my recovery, I want to document it. You are all welcome to come along on the journey.

I hope to use not only the written word to tell this part of my story but also video posts.  In December, ABC 27 did a 3 minute story about the accident and my desire to run again.  It was really well received and a big reason why I am thinking of using videos in my blog. You can watch the video here:

2012 has started with a lot of momentum.  Not only did the ABC 27 story air,  but I was also in the NYC studios of The Catholic Guy Show on Sirius/XM satellite radio to talk about my recovery and discuss how I helped the hosts improve their health.  I helped Lino Rulli add 20 lbs of muscle and Fr Rob Keghron lose over 50 lbs of fat.  They have become good friends and it was a lot of fun hanging out with them on the show.  The other reason I was in NYC was to meet with my new agency.  That’s right, I now have an agent. Movable Type Management now represents me.  They will be trying to get me a publisher, sell movie/documentary rights, arrange speaking opportunities and find product indorsements.  Sounds crazy, right?  I interviewed with a few other firms and I really liked MTM.  They are aggressive about adapting to the changing media world and can manage more than just the book part.  For the book, I will be working with Michele Matrisciani.  After talking to her a few times, I could tell that she understood why I wanted to do my book and was willing to give me a lot of advice and help, long before I agreed to work with her.  Before becoming an agent, she was an editor for a number of big publishing houses.  She has edited best-selling books. Lord know I can use editing help!  I really believe she will be able to get the best possible book out of me.  I am excited for Michele and I to get to work, but also a little nervous.  Thank God I now have running to deal with the added stress!

As you can see, there is lot going on right now.  Expect to see my first training blog soon.  I am still working out the format, but I think I am close to having it finished.  February 15th is the day that Rare Eagle with announce the winners of the Rare Life Award.  I can’t thank all of you enough for taking time, every day, to vote for my story.  I ended with 5158 votes, making me the 5th highest vote getter out of 126 stories.  Getting some money and recognition for Carlisle’s YMCA would simply be one more positive thing to come from our tragedy.  I think I will have plenty to do while I wait for the outcome…

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One Response to Things are about to change…

  1. Kris Shomper says:

    John, congratulations – we are all so happy for you. I know you have so many struggles, but you ontinue to amaze us with your wonderful, positive approach to those struggles.

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